Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them released almost exactly two years ago?????? (let that sink in)


There’s like, no way in hell that was two years ago. It seems soooo close by, I was soooo excited. When it all got over, I wanted MORE (caps).

Fast forward two years, a blog, and a change of glasses later, I watched The Crimes of Grindelwald yesterday. Though I can’t say that I walked in with the same enthusiasm as 12 year old Shreya (ahem, ahem, with all the screw ups of JKR and what not which i’ll talk about later on this post).

But I did feel like jumping out of my seat when Back To Hogwarts played in the start and all of a sudden, it was 2016. Life was good. (a feeling which lasted a total of two seconds). Despite JKR slowly losing the fandom’s respect this past year, deep down I had some expectations (it’s the harry potter bitches).

The start had some slightly draggy action. After thaaat. A lot of things messed with me. I don’t understand, they were sooo freakin’ good with the last movie. It was fun to watch. This one dragged on and on and hellishly on, and it could’ve been avoided.


Maybe it could have been a good character arc but it was wayy too fast in the movie. Speaking of characters, ALWAYS LOVE SMOL BEAN NEWT. There was no major role for Tina, and Jacob just felt like a side character. But I STAN LETA ALL THE WAY. *cheers*

I was soo worried about how offensive Nagini would turn out to be but … she’s just there as a supportive viper to Credence (who needs a hug). Idk how to feel about Nagini.

And we don’t see much of Grindelwald either.



what is minerva doing in 1927????? when she was born in 1935 1935 1935?????? like was she a cameo that someone thought nobody would notice????? i mean, just google it rn and check her birth date if you don’t believe me.

why is dumbledore teaching dada when it’s,,,,, idk canonically established that he taught transfiguration???? i have no clue. either the director forgot or jkr is turning this series into another cursed child.

and i’m pretty sure grindelwald is lying about credence’s identity. there’s no way in hell he can be a dumbledore as kendra died in 1899 not on the fucking titanic. and dumbledore definitely isn’t his father given his orientation and timeline. so jkr is either using this as a red herring, or she’s blowing up her amazing original series’ layout.


Now. Talking about the rep. I’d like to explore my feelings about this more in another post but I will be brief here. I’ve been very patient with JKR but my patience and respect is slowly slipping. I am *very* upset they didn’t explore the relationship of Dumbledore and Grindelwald when she very clearly said that Dumbledore was in love with him. And the naming of Nagini didn’t feel right, but now idk what to feel. I still hope Albus-Gellert will be a thing in the next movie(s).

It’s not that I didn’t like it. Bit too long for my taste? Yeah. But some pieces of acting were awesome, and I LOVED seeing Hogwarts again. This is the darkest movie in the entire series, and rapidly shifting to an even darker place.

But will the storyline keep up with all of this or will it sink? Whatever happens, and whatever potential screw ups JKR might or might not do, Hogwarts will always be there, to welcome us home.



  1. Wow. You have made me sit up and notice. I have been blissfully oblivious of the Fantastic Beasts series after the debacle of the Cursed Child but there’s so much noise being made around the series that I ended up checking out the trailer of Crime Of Grindelwald and boy, was I intrigued! But then an overwhelmingly not-positive (not outright negative) reviews later, I am again considering if I should even dive into this thread of Potterverse. 😦
    Oh btw, what screw ups of JKR are you referring to? I haven’t been up to speed with the developments. :/

    P.S. That’s quite a passionate review! Liked it 😀

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    1. Heyyyyy I just saw your comment🙈
      I think you should check put this thread because the first movie WAS good – and the second movie, everyone’s got mixed feelings 🙂
      Oh, jkr had previously stated dumbledore was in a relationship w grindelwald but there’s zero rep in the movie????? Also the casting of nagini seemed sorta racist😒
      And then her liking transphobic tweets ….
      Thanks 😀

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      1. It’s alright! 😀
        Oh yes, one of the main USP of the series for me was it shedding a new light on Dumbledore’s intriguing backstory. Too bad they haven’t included it (maybe they are saving it for later parts in the series?). I’ll surely check out both the parts!
        And woah! JKR liked transphobic tweets? 😮


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