I finally, finally finished the Six of Crows duo, right on clock for the *drum rolls* GRISHAVERSE NETFLIX ADAPTION!!!!!!


Speaking of soc, there are oh so many things I have to say.

I first started out with Shadow and Bone, and after a reread. I didn’t like it. Point blank. The world building was bland, the protagonist was one dimensional (i’m guessing everyone is crazy about nikolai and that’s about it, but i wouldn’t know, i never went past book one). Basically just another one of those average YA reads.

So that was why I was so surprised when I read Soc. I heard a lot about it online, and I lurked around the tumblr fandom often. By then I guess I was already a little in love with soc.

For starters, the writing improved SO much from Shadow and Bone!!!! #TryNotToFallInLoveWithTheCrowsChallenge

I will die for my babies Kaz, Inej, Jesper, Wylan, Nina, and Matthias. Period.


LGBTQIA rep, PoC characters, realistic portrayal of mental health and trauma. oh, i forgot to add that kaz might be morally gray and a self-declared monster, but he isn’t a predatory, homophobic person unlike some YA book males i know *looks not-so-subtly at sarah janet maas here*

With the awesome plot and even awesome characters, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the soc duo. Soc is a part of actual, sophisticated YA literature. It represents what the YA gnere is now: inclusive books in which teenagers (and adults too) can find themselves.

And now for my thoughts on the Grishaverse show.

Am I absolutely delighted that I will see my loves onscreen? Yes. Am I also terrified about it being completely botched up, and put off by it jammed in with a vastly inferior series? Also yes.

Initially I was scared of them whitewashing Inej and Jepser, and making Nina skinny. Which thankfully Leigh confirmed in a tumblr post, will never happen. But oh there are so many other fears.

They could completely, totally ignore the characters’ past traumas. They could take out Kaz’s touch aversion and ptsd, they could make kanej make out, they are NOT ready for it. They could reduce Nina and Jesper into comic relief. They could leave out Wylan’s dyslexia.

On the plus sides, the director and producers are fans, leigh herself is an executive producer. They’d, hopefully, keep everything as canon as possible.

For the casting, I,,,, might have some thoughts –

Cole Sprouse as Kaz Brekker 

Neelam Gill as Inej Ghafa 

Chance Perdomo as Jesper Fahey 

Barbie Ferreira as Nina Zenik

For Wylan, Matthias, and Kuewi, I don’t have any ideas so far …


Anyhoooo, the only thing I can do now is wait for is the show 😀 (tho i will say i am absolutely devasted over *SPOILER SPOILER* matthias’ death *SPOILER SPOILER* i dont think he’s an ass anymore)

Let’s cross our fingers and hope that all goes well. Till then,

~no mourners, no funerals~



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