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Like every person on the planet, I’ve watched Bird Box on Netflix. And I loved it. What I didn’t know, was that it was based on a book by Josh Malerman. And we all know, books are obviously more awesoeme than it’s movie adaption.


So after reading one of my favourite bloggers’ review of the book, I got the book immediatly.

Okay, the movie was definitely thrilling. And awesoeme. But there’s some stuff different from the book. So, who does it better? The book, or the netflix adaption?


Book. While the movie was very thrilling when I first saw it, the book sent legit chills down my spine. The creatures were described in much, much more detail than the movie.


Book. While the central plots are obviously the same, creepy ass creature that you absolutely can’t see, these two have different plots. After reading the book I felt the movie sort of rushed it??? There are so many more creepy, interesting stuff they could have added.


Movie. Surprisingly, seeing some (altered from the book) characters on screen was better than I had visualized in the book.


Book. Malorie’s development throughout the book and how she survives and raises the children all by herself, and training them, is more detailed. The movie doesn’t show us what happens during those years she’s alone. (tho tom is alive in the movie, at least till that time?)


Book. I thought nothing could top that scene in the movie when Gary rips open the curtains, but it pales in comparision with the book.


Both of them have it good, but . . . I prefer the more detailed ending about the center in the book.

Final verdict:

The book wins. If you don’t read the book, the movie is thrilling and awesome. But tbh, it is a book after all. There are some things you can visualize and feel in a book that you can’t with it’s adaption, probably why no adaption can ever get the book right. All the same I liked the book too and I won’t mind watching it again.


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