About Me

Hey! I’m Shreya Madhusudan. I’m a TOTAL bookworm (I’m not kidding, just ask my friends), and I love to write (I can express myself in no better way¬†but writing).

I am a die-hard, hardcore Harry Potter fan A.K.A a Potterhead (again, my friends could confirm that). I’m also a feminist¬†and proud of it.

Introverted, nerd, stubborn, lazy, few words that describe me. Beneath my 12 rotating personalities, my instinctive shyness (that comes of as rude sometimes), and my constant attempts to evade you I’m a really nice person *gasps* So don’t give up on talking to me! I’m sure I’ll reciprocate the friendliness, in like, 4567875 years.

While I might not like real people, I LOVE talking to people here. Because if you’re reading my blog and came so far till my about page, chances are you are a fellow bookworm/nerd (who else is gonna read my blog?). If you wanna chat just shoot me an email at shreyamadhusudan31@gmail.com.