So I finally finished reading The Priory of the Orange Tree a week back. It took me a month to finish this giant but it was totally worth it! Normally, I don’t read high fantasy. I hate high fantasy, anything GOT like. It’s a bias, I know, I just don’t prefer it.

I had no clue about the size when I ordered it online and boy was I surprised when it arrived. I was intimated tbh and I thought I’d end up DNF-ing it.

I read a review which said that the first 200-something pages are a bit slow but action kicks on from there. For me, I found it interesting right off the bat. First off, the world building is SO. GOOD. Excellent attention to detail. I loved reading about the different countries and their contrasting politics, religions, conflicts. Oh, and also, dragons.

For a standalone novel it really does pack up as much world building as it can without seeming boring. The plot does start off like 200 pages in, the premise wasn’t very eventful. Sort of like an introduction to the characters and landscape. But it is REALLY fun to read. And when the plot did kick in, it kept me hook.

THERE’S?? WLW?? Angsty slowburn, the good stuff. I did NOT know about it and it was probably the best surprise.

I LOVED the characters. Sabran, Tane and Ead’s development throughout the novel was great. Loth was my favourite, even if we didn’t get many chapters with his POV.

Overall I say you should definitely go for this. Don’t let the size intimidate you. I did take my time with it but honestly? It was so much fun savoring this bit by bit.

Rating: 5 out of 5

MALORIE BY JOSH MALERMAN Malorie: A Bird Box Novel eBook: Malerman, Josh ...

I’ve been waiting for Malorie: a Bird Box Novel ever since it was announced! I read bird box a year ago, after the netflix original came out and I LOVED it so much. I never expected that Josh Malerman would write a sequel. I was all knee-shaking excited but worried it would disappoint.

Did it live up to expectations?

Malorie is set seventeen years after the events of Bird Box. Picking up about two years into their stay at the school for blind, the book starts out with something VERY unexpected which I won’t say though I’m DYING to, for the sake of avoiding spoilers. We then see a time jump, ten years later. This book caught my attention right at the starting.

Does it hold my attention? Yes. I love that throughout the book the plot was so fluid. It didn’t feel boring at any point, nor did I see any info dumps. The world building is great, considering how many new things about the outside world was specified.

It was interesting to see the tense relationship between Tom and Malorie. They contrast so much in opinions, in nature. Tom wants to explore and innovate and stray away from the rigidness of Malorie. Even in this dangerous new world, he’s a bright eyed earnest teenager. Malorie does not like “getting lazy”, in her words. She takes no chances in keeping herself and her children safe. Malorie lives by the blindfold. Tom wants to see a world beyond it. Olympia is a girl with a secret (she quite literally has a secret). She isn’t as rebellious as Tom.

The book isn’t purely plot driven and what makes it so great is how it explores the relationships between the characters side along the plot. Bird Box was about a world confined to the indoors, and about surviving. Malorie is about an uncertain world rebuilding. It’s about finally living, and not just surviving.

So was Josh Malerman writing this just to ride off the hype of Bird Box? This was anything but. He’s a great storyteller. He wrote a satisfying sequel which does not disappoint.

Rating: 5 out of 5



Not gonna lie, the main reason I got this book was that the cover was gorgeous and I have A Thing for hardcover editions. Even if it had review quotes and New York Times Bestseller or something stamped at the back which tells me Nothing about the actual book. Pfft, books these days, amiright?

I read this book with zero expectations and ideas on what it was about. Here’s how it went.

Can I say I absolutely love the concept of the libraries and monster books? It was So fricking cool! A breath of fresh air from a bunch of recycled concepts circulating in YA lit. For a stand alone book, the world building in this was AWESOME. I fell in love with the whole concept – the libraries, sorcerers, demons, Books Gone Wild.

Also want to mention, the prose was beautiful to read. I loved the way this was written, it feels magical!

Elisabeth is “a true child of the library”. She’s bold, yet vulnerable. Into the book we see that everything she knows and understands about libraries, magic (and monster books) are wrong. She starts out as naive, someone who hasn’t seen the world outside the library she grew up in and slowly gains understanding. The character development is good, AND it’s all in one (standalone) novel.

I was Very Afraid that Nathaniel would be one of Those YA Brooding Bad Boys. The goodreads blurb also described him and Elisabeth as “sworn enemies”. Both assumptions? Wrong they were! Nathaniel and Elisabeth’s relationship is not a pointless rivalry for the sake of tension. Good ol’ sarcastic boi which I surprisingly, I didn’t mind :’) His tragic past isn’t just for the sake of it and is important to his character.

(bonus Bonus BONUS points for making nathaniel swing both ways. i screamed when i read that part, even if it was vaguely referenced. the casual rep gets Full Points from me)

But it was Silas I liked the best and found most intriguing! I stan one snarky and incredibly charming demon. Elisabeth, Nathaniel, and Silas make a great little disaster trio.

The one complain I do have is how fast the plot is. I hate slow books, I have very little patience. Which is why I don’t usually mind if books are a bit fast paced. In fact, I was happy the book started out with a fast plot and no beating around the bush. But this was a bit too fast. I didn’t have any time to linger on a scene or savor a moment. Would have been a lot better if this one was slightly slower paced.

Overall it was a very refreshing read! It’s entertaining and gets my rec.

Rating: out of 5




So. The last time I blogged was a year back. *awkward silence* *laughs at my own joke* Cheesy jokes aside, HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOLKS. I DEMAND THAT THE UNIVERSE GIVES YOU AN AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, POSITIVE 2019 BECAUSE Y’ALL DESERVE IT.


2018 was this colossal freak show, no kidding. I can’t quite make head or tail of it and I’m glad that it’s over (thank u, next, 2018). This year, there are oh so many things I want to get in order!

i won’t lie, i wasn’t exactly peaches and cream in 2018 (understatement lol). and i know that just because earth has completed another revolution around the sun nothing is gonna magically change. but i want to be positive and motivated and not feel like shit, ‘kay?

To start out the year on a good note I want to list my priorities.

resolutions irl:

  1. take care of myself, my body and my mental health.
  2. study regularly from day 1, reap the result
  3. repeat, STUDY. GET HELP IF I NEED. also, not panic like a moron about the boards because if i study effectively i should treat it as a regular exam and get good results. anxiety won’t help and would only bring me down.
  4. make my handwriting humanly readable.
  5. stay hydrated
  6. pamper and totally spoil this bitch w love and only love, i deserve it, so does everyone else
  7. stay around good people and get away from the bad, toxic eggs, if any

 blogging goals:

  1. BLOG!! REGULARLY!! (twice a week, at least)
  2. do occasional discussion posts
  3. review different books
  4. do some tags i was nominated for
  5. maybe co-write posts in collab w other bloggers (anyone interested btw?)

 reading goals:

  1. read all sorts of genres
  2. add a dose of non-fiction
  3. stay updated with cosmology books and stuff about it in general
  4. utilize reading time allotted by the higher authority, parents, effectively
  5. savour books slowly, i’m so done with speed reading

   social media goals:

  1. bookstagram slightly often with a change of location
  2. stay in touch with the new friends i made lately
  3. participate in shruti’s banned book club
  4. try not to make lame jokes and be a total loser on twitter
  5. be more active on goodreads, actually update my reading challenge instead of being a lazy ass

There we are. Here are my goals for 2019 and I hope that I will complete these. I’m not under any delusions that this year would be stress free. There will be reality + board exams, which I want to do well in. But being positive won’t cost me anything so why not???????????

what are your 2019 resolutions? any dramatic changes, or just go with the flow? tell me! 😀


Plots maybe different, but our reactions are same. Sweat, grime, teeth chattering, insomnia – welcome to the life of a thriller addict.There is no out. You eventually become a crazy, paranoid addict and you crave suspense. You wish you could obliviate yourself and read the same thriller again and again.

So here are some reactions when we read a realllyyyyy good thriller:

1. Starting the book and patiently waiting for the suspense.

Mr Bean Checking Time GIF - MrBean CheckingTime Waiting GIFs

it’s okay, book. Take your time book. i am right. here.


2. . . . Still waiting

The Office GIF - MichaelScott TheOffice Angry GIFs

wHeRe tHe sUsPeNsE bItCh


3. When it does kick in

Harley Quinn Tea GIF - HarleyQuinn Tea Book GIFs

some tea, please


4. When you start guessing the plot in a very Holmes-y way

oooo yes i’m guessing it all, pfftttt so predictable


5. But when all your guesses go downhill in the most unexpected ways 

Uh Oh GIF - Oops Whoopsies GIFs

bold of you to assume you knew anything at all moron


6. When everything. everything goes batshit crazy.

Seriously Side Eye GIF - Seriously SideEye Confused GIFs

hi, wtf is happening here? idk anymore.


7. When the book has a lot of explaining to do but only 20 pages are left

Now GIF - Now INeedAnAnswerNow INeedItNow GIFs

these 20-something pages better have an answer


8. Finally EVERYTHING is explained in an ending you did not see coming 

IGot It Understand GIF - IGotIt GotIt Understand GIFs

now moi understands


9. And the stage after the end when you want to reread it but you already know everything

Sad Blackish GIF - Sad Blackish AnthonyAnderson GIFs

i wish i could obliviate the plot and reread the book again


*Rinse and repeat*



Sooo. Hello, everyone. Here I am, without another month’s gap between posts. ‘Tis I, Shreya the Great procrastinator who somehow managed to create an effective blogging schedule maybe idk. But still, at least I’m somehow trynna be regular.


Sooo anyways. I recently finished reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which one of my pals gifted. Much thanks, Red 🙂 Actually I had the ebook back from the days when oceanofpdf was still alive but the format and text was all screwed up. And I’m glad I have a paperback version now.


The critically acclaimed debut novel from Stephen Chbosky, Perks follows observant “wallflower” Charlie as he charts a course through the strange world between adolescence and adulthood. First dates, family drama, and new friends. Devastating loss, young love, and life on the fringes. Caught between trying to live his life and trying to run from it, Charlie must learn to navigate those wild and poignant roller-coaster days known as growing up.

I’ve watched the movie, and I loved it. Now, I read the book and I love it even more. This book is so beautiful, heart-wrenching, and relatable.

what i liked:

How relatable the whole book is. As in introvert and bibliophile I really felt some parts. And as a teenager, all of it. The angst and emotion in this book felt so real and relatable. It’s all told through a letter format, written by Charlie. I really liked the letter/diary entry format since it was blunt and conveyed a lot of stuff. All the characters seem real and not drab and one dimensional, like some books show teenagers to be. I ESPECIALLY LOVE MY BOY PATRICK.

I feel Charlie, a lot (finally, we get an in-depth AND introverted character). I identify with his struggles in life and I guess a lot of other people do, too. The ending and final revelation of Charlie’s aunt was so sad, though.

But the main thing I like about this book is that it actually, properly depicts teenagers, it isn’t a teen-centric novel cliche. It doesn’t show preppy, picture perfect party going teenagers who somehow seem more mature than they are. It’s crude and messy.

Everything isn’t magically fixed in the end (not that i dont like happy endings, it’s the unrealistic ones). Charlie is struggling and his problems magically don’t disappear. He is broken, but he is healing. And that is why I guess a whole lot of other people love this book, me included.

what i didn’t like:

oh look, a live footage of me reading this:


speaks for itself methinks

Overall Rating:

5 out of 5